Industrial zone - Productive Hall

The hall building is a single-storey facility with a rectangular footprint, constructed using prefabricated reinforced concrete construction technology.



The exterior wall is constructed from lightweight wall layers. In terminal bays, two-storey brick auxiliary buildings are located with staff/office rooms in direct contact with the production hall. The building is divided into three production-warehouse use sectors with the following floor areas:

Usage area

Sector 1

882.30 m2

Usage area

Sector 2

868.20 m2

Usage area

Sector 3




The hall has 6 entrances, (two for each sector), 5.0 x 6.0 m in dimension. The production area possesses surface-hardened concrete flooring. Each sector is separately metered and charged for heat and electricity use.

The building is equipped with the following systems: water-sanitation, central heating, natural gas, mechanical ventilation, electrical, telephone and internet, industrial television, and additionally, in the administrative/staff rooms – a cooling system. Warm water is heated with renewable energy – solar collectors. The building is equipped with its own boiler station.

Basic building parameters:

The hall building has a Class “D” fire resistance classification. A total of approx. 60 people may be employed in the production hall (including handicapped persons).

The hall facility is available for lease. Only innovative technologies which do not have negative environmental impacts may be located here, however.

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