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Tarnobrzeska Przestrze Przyszych Technologii
Tarnobrzeska Przestrzeń Przyszłych Technologii
Tarnobrzeski Industrial – Technological Park
Technological Incubator
Industrial zone - Productive Hall

The aim and tasks of Tarnobrzeski Industrial – Technological Park

The Tarnobrzeg Industrial and Technology Park realizes the goals and assumptions of the following strategic documents, among others:

  • Socio-Economic Development for Eastern Poland to the year 2020.
  • “Conditions and Directions for Land Use Development of the City of Tarnobrzeg” and City Land Use Plan (Resolution no XLIII/863/2009 City Council Tarnobrzeg of December 29, 2009).

The Tarnobrzeg Industrial and Technology Park (TITP) was established to improve conditions for economic activity and development and the diffusion of innovative ventures.

To this end, during phase I, the following facilities were built: an industrial hall and a business incubator. Land properties have also been prepared for investment. These facilities and investment properties are equipped with full infrastructure and will be made accessible to businesspeople to conduct innovative economic activity within the framework of the industrial and technology park.

The implementation of the above tasks should guarantee improved conditions and a foundation for the development of enterprises, a producer cluster as well as human capital.

Main goal of TITP: “To increase the investment attractiveness of the Podkarpackie region and stimulate local business through guaranteeing conditions to conduct cutting edge economic activity, increasing the innovativeness of the local economy, effective management of post-industrial property and provision of infrastructure and advisory services.”

This goal will be achieved through the following specific objectives, formulated in response to the problems of the project recipients:

  • effective management of the utilized terrain for the needs of the Tarnobrzeg Industrial and Technology Park, and provision of auxiliary services for the TITP project;
  • guarantee of appropriate standard and quality of infrastructure for conducting business activity in the area of production and provision of cutting edge services at the Tarnobrzeg Industrial and Technology Park;
  • increase in the competitiveness of businesses active in the TITP;
  • development of infrastructure to activate local and regional entrepreneurship;
  • renewal of the labor market, creation of a climate of economic renewal for the local community by locating a Business Incubator in the park and attracting new employers capable of creating permanent work positions in the TITP area;
  • creation of conditions for the transfer of technology and stimulate innovativeness of businesspeople active in the TITP area;
  • revitalization of degraded post-industrial property;
  • increase in economic activity of firms providing cutting edge services and utilization of cutting-edge technologies;
  • improvement in the use of environmental resources through making environmentally-conscious investments, taking into account the need to protect the natural environment.

Currently the opportunity for socio-econoic development of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship are stifled to a significant extent by the low quality of technological and social infrastructure as well as the unbalanced and disproportionate development of investment properties in urban centers.

Planned impacts of TITP activity:

  • For the region:
    • activation of local community and creation of new places of work;
    • influx of foreign investors;
    • transfer of knowledge, innovations and entrepreneurship;
    • development of properties once used by liquidated and restructured industries;
    • increase in the socio-economic potential of northern Podkarpackie Voivodeship;
    • increase in the region’s competitiveness.
  • For the development of the City of Tarnobrzeg:
    • stimulation of economic activity and support of activities with the goal to limit unemployment;
    • development of small and medium-sized businesses based on innovative technologies;
    • increase in the investment attractiveness of the city;
    • activation of cooperation with local schools of higher learning.
  • For businesses functioning in TITP:
    • improvement in competitiveness through public assistance, through a decrease in costs of business activity (costs of transport, infrastructure use, property depreciation);
    • development of closer cooperation between the scientific community and firms, as well as transfer and absorption of innovations and increasing their accessibility;
    • option to take advantage of auxiliary services (business counseling, access to know-how, legal services);
    • option of start-up phase business support;
    • improving the marketing image of enterprises;
    • cooperation and exchange of experience between firms.


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